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Preference #7 You Want To Break Up

You want to break-up

Liam: Liam and You have been dating for almost a year now and it seemed to drive you crazy! Everywhere you both would go he would act so protective and you felt suffocated by all his text messages and calls and request to Skype date. For the last week everytime he would ask to Skype you would say you were busy but since he was home from tour it was going to be the time where you break up. “Liam honey.” You said softly, you both were in your flat just hanging around. “Yes babe?” He asks coming around the couch to sit next to you with a loving look, it killed you inside “I don’t know how to say this bab-Liam,” You tried not to use nicknames so it would hurt less “I just need a break….I want to break up.” You say quickly without looking in his eyes. It was quiet, almost too quiet as you look at Liam in the eye to see him shaking. “What? Why?” Liam asked “I feel suffocated! I’m sorry Liam but you’re too much sometimes and it’s just unbearable!” You explain “I’m sorry Y/N! I just love you so much please don’t do this.” He pleaded with tears streaming down his face. You looked in his eyes and you felt hatred to yourself to put him through this, you did love him it was just that you didn’t like how he was so clingy maybe you shouldn’t break up with him you thought. “Liam I don’t know, you’re so protective and I love you but it gets to the point where you’re too clingy.” You try to explain again “I’ll change. I’ll stop worrying about your safety less I promise! But don’t leave me please.” Both of you had tears streaming down your faces. You nod and give him a big hug before kissing him apologetically before cuddling and watching Toy Story

Harry: You loved Harry, you always loved Harry but like everyone knew he was a big flirt but before now you didn’t really think of anything of it until now when you saw a picture of him and a slutty blonde kissing. You were very angry and frustrated but you knew that you had to let Harry explain before you start accusing him of something he didn’t do. “Harry I found this picture, is it real?” You ask showing him with little worry, but he was quiet. You stare at him and he was silent just looking at the picture with a frown. “Is. It. Real?” You ask slowly. Harry looked at you and threw the plate in front of him across the room and looked back at you “Yes! It’s real! I’ve had a bad couple of months Y/N! I just was feeling frustrated and I just did it! I wasn’t drunk.” He yelled looking at you. You were scared, he never yelled and you were frozen but you knew what had to happen. “Harry….I want to break up.” You stated going to pack your stuff “Wait Y/N! Why? I know I made a mistake but….” “You just admitted to it Harry! I can’t trust you anymore!” You scream at him while packing, he threw your bag of stuff at of your reach and held you against the wall. “I love you Y/N and that was a mistake! A mistake! Please it won’t happen again please just don’t go.” He pleaded pulling you into an unbreakable hug. “I love you too but how do I know you won’t do it again? I don’t want another broken heart.” You said with a few tears “I’ll tell you, if you want to leave me then I won’t ask to stay. You can leave but I’ll always love you.” He promises while crying too. You nod and for the rest of the night you both cry and talk

Louis: Louis was immature and you knew that perfectly when you both entered the relationship but you didn’t know it was this bad. He couldn’t be taken seriously with all his jokes and pranks and you were sick of it! You had all your stuff packed when he came back from the studio and he looked at you with a confused glance. “Are we going somewhere?” He asks “I am. I’m leaving Louis, I’m sorry.” You apologized not looking him in the eye “W-why?” He stutters “I can never take you seriously and I’m just so frustrated! I don’t want to take it anymore!” You yell. You could see he was upset in his eyes. “We can work this out!” He says “No we can’t, I love you-“ “If you loved me you would stay!” He yells “I love you but I need to think this through! “ You tried to explain “We can talk too! Relationships were about communication is what you said!” He yelled back “Fine. We’ll talk! I just don’t want to be in this relationship where I can never take you seriously!” You yell back even louder “I’m sorry that I want to be young forever but I thought you liked that, if it was a problem then just tell me!” He yelled getting louder “I am right now! I really love you Louis but can I really take you seriously?” You ask “I’m being serious right now! I love you and please….please don’t go!” He says softer. You went quiet and just looked at him before pulling the bags into your room and unzipping them. “What are you doing?” He asks. “I’m not leaving. I love you too much and I’ll miss you.” You say simply before he lifts you off the ground and kiss you passionately

Niall: You and Niall were going to a sour patch in your relationship and it was one of those nights where both of you were fighting over something you couldn’t even remember but in the heat of the moment you couldn’t back down. “You know what! I don’t have to take this! I’m done. We’re over!” You scream piling your clothes into a bag “Fine I don’t care! You can leave I won’t miss you!” He screams back. You threw your bag over your shoulder and ran out of the flat slamming the door behind you. Niall stopped himself before running to the door and looking outside. “Y/N!” He screams. You were already gone so he closed the door and sunk to his knees and let out a loud sob. “What have I done!” He sobs louder. He picks himself to his feet and went to both of yours room or what it used to be before screaming louder than when you two were in a fight then punches the wall. He collapses onto the bed and cries himself to sleep.

Zayn: You had been dating Zayn for a couple of months and management wouldn’t let you two to confirm the relationship because they were afraid it would cause the fans to get mad. When Zayn told you this you were furious! “What about Perrie? They let you tell fans about that pretty quickly!” You yell “That was for publicity! It meant nothing!” He yells back “What about this Zayn? Is this nothing? If you’re not able to tell anyone about this it means nothing to me!” You scream throwing a plate at the wall behind him “This means everything to me Y/N! I always try to show I love you whenever I can but you don’t see it!” He yells pushing you against the counter “I obviously see this is nothing so why don’t we just break up okay? So there is no need to even have a secret?” You suggest going for the door “No Y/N! I love you so much! I don’t want to end this!” He says softer. You stop, it was the first time he said that and you knew from his tone he was being honest. You turn around and run up to him giving him the biggest hug you could give. “I love you too Zayn, I’m sorry. I was overreacting.” You apologized “It’s okay Y/N, I’ll talk to management and I’ll make sure we’ll have everyone know about us two.” He says softly kissing your forehead. 

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