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Preference #25 You Accidently Hit Him in the Balls

You accidently hit him in the balls

Liam: You were sleeping peacefully in your flat alone when there was suddenly the sound of footsteps creeping around your home. You jumped up immediately and clenched the blanket in fear of an intruder until you decided to check it out; you stood up from your bed and went out into the hall then investigated the bathroom and living room when you saw a dark figure in the kitchen. You crept into the dark room when you saw the figure vanish, then all of a sudden two large arms wrapped around your waist. Fear and adrenaline flowed through you as you threw your hand back to hit the person which was right in the groin. “Y/N!” The person groaned. “Oh my god, Liam what are you doing here?” You yelled as you stared at your boyfriend who clearly in pain. “I decided to surprise you but I guess you surprised me instead.” He gasps as he hands were holding his hurting area. “I’m so sorry babe,” You apologize “Do you want me to kiss and make it better?” You held back a laugh then winked at him. “Naughty girl.” He laughs, you hugged him and apologized once more.

Harry: Harry pinned you to the bed as his lips attacked your neck, jawline, and chest with lust in his eyes. A light moan escaped both of your mouths as he skimmed his hands down your sides while taking off both of your clothes  then his hands went down to your sides, unknowing by him that you were especially ticklish there. In a matter of second you acted on the sudden touch by kicking your legs up and accidently kicking your boyfriend in the balls. “Shit.” He groans as his hands went to the area.
“Sorry! God damn it did I kill the mood?” You apologize then put your hand on his arms. “Actually, I think I’m more turned on.” He squeaks as his kisses your neck again. “God you’re a special one.”

Louis: Louis was a playful boy, he loved to play fight and play pranks on everyone and especially you; what he didn’t know that it was going to backfire on him. He waited for you to round the corner when he jumped to pounce on you. He tickled you fiercely while you began to kick you him off and P kicked him in his baby maker. “I’m so sorry Louis! You just scared me.” You apologized kissing is cheek. “It’s fine love but you’ll have to make it up to me.” He sighs as the pain throbbed unbearably but even through that he managed to pull a cheeky wink.

Niall: It was date night for you and Niall which he decided was to take you to go bowling just for fun, you two were known as the fun couple. You were on the approach getting ready when Niall decided that he would come behind you after you threw the ball. You took your steps towards the foul line while Niall followed; at the last minute you decided to start back up and pulled the ball back not knowing that Niall was right there….well until you heard him scream. “Fuck babe, I think you broke it.” Niall whined as he hit the ground holding his balls. “Oh don’t be so dramatic babe. It was an accident, I’m sorry.” You gave him a sad look and kissed his forehead apologetically. “You’re lucky I love you so much Y/N.” He sighs as he kisses you with a goofy grin.

Zayn: Zayn was a heavy sleeper, everyone knew this of course. He was sleeping especially long and he had rehearsals in a few hours so you decided it was the right thing to do was to wake him up so he wouldn’t be late. You slipped into the bedroom while he sleeping soundly as crawled on the bed then on top of him yet unknowing to you that your knew was right above his sensitive area. “Wake up Zayn.” You purred then pushed your knee down making him wake up immediately. “God babe, I wasn’t expecting this kind of waking up.” He groans as he pulls you closer. “I’ll make it up to you baby.” You assured. “Then let me sleep in.” You laugh and allow him to sleep a little longer.

Josh: Josh, being the loving boyfriend he was,  was teaching you a new song on the drums. You were facing him when he finished how to do the first verse when he decided to hand you the sticks. He was getting ready to stand up when you decided to hit the lower drums just for fun which also ended up hitting Josh in his ‘no, no’ square. He hits the ground in pain at the sudden pain surging through him which even you felt. “I’m sorry baby, it was an accident.” You apologized repeatedly. “It’s fine but I think someone owes me something.” He smirks through the horrible pain and gave a cheeky wink.  

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